Frequently Asked Questions

 I'd like to purchase my first film camera, is there something you can recommend?

Beginners often find SLR or point and shoot cameras are what is best
when starting out in film photography.

I'll need film for my new camera, do you sell film?
Should I go with expired or fresh film?

We carry a selection of 35mm and medium format expired film available here, however, it's recommended to start out using fresh film to ease the learning curve and ensure properly exposed photographs from the get-go!

Should I start with black & white or colour film?
What brands should I look for?

Black and white film is always recommended to begin with as a student of photography due to its greater latitude of exposure. Colour film does require some additional precision if you're using an SLR or rangefinder camera, however both can be used to achieve satisfactory results.

Kodak makes excellent black and white/colour film, Fujifilm also offers a selection of quality colour films in a variety of formats, and Ilford manufactures B&W film exclusively; available in 35mm & more.

Where can I read about your return policy?

Details regarding returns of merchandise can be found here.

I'm located overseas, do you ship worldwide?

We do! Shipping costs are based on your location and will be calculated during the checkout process.

I'm local to Toronto, is pick-up an option?

Absolutely, select Local Pickup at check out and receive a notification with details of when and where your items are ready to be picked up.

Where do you source your cameras and lenses?
I'm looking for a specific item, can you help in finding items not listed in your inventory?

Our selection is curated from finds at flea markets, auctions, local camera and photography shows, as well as collections purchased from enthusiasts in the Greater Toronto Area.

Send us an email via our contact form, let us know what you're looking for, the approximate budget you'd like to adhere to and we'll get in touch!